Convertible Pocket Holster

Convertible Pocket Holster
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-Convertible Pocket Holster.

-For the N.A.A. Pug or Sidewinder 22 Mag. Molded to your selection.

-Includes a compartment for 5 spare rounds with snap for retention.

-NOTE - The Snaps are Stainless Steel, so rust will not occur from sweat, rain, etc. Please note that the stainless steel will not hold the dye color, so the dye will rub off and the color of the snap will be stainless steel.

-NOTE - Saddle Brown holsters will have a black fade at the perimeter. See pictures on the "Home" page for example. The Fade will slightly vary per holster since the holsters are all dyed by hand. 

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Price $50.00